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Vicki is a personal Trainer with 10+ years experience in the industry. She holds qualifications in advanced nutrition. She has a Masters in Sports Psychology and Is currently in her second year of a Doctorate in Exercise Psychology.

She is passionate about helping people improve their relationships with food, exercise and body image. Friends and family are the most important thing in Vicki’s life. She has a 9 year old Daughter, together then love to explore the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with their whippet ‘Ginger’ or enjoy a big plate of Sushi with friends.

You can normally catch Vicki in the gym doing various aspects of training from Yoga to strength training as well as fitness & conditioning work. 

‘I hope you find my blogs helpful and be sure to stay up to date with everything health, fitness & mindset related on my social channels. Fell free to drop me an email if you need any help, support or guidance to help you on your journey…’
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Blog #1 – ‘Demonising food’
Right then, lets talk about ‘Demonising food’… Points Syns Clean Low carb Low fat 5/2 Cabbage soup Cambridge Slim fast...
Blog #2 – ‘Behaviour Change’
So, you want a healthier lifestyle? You need to change your behaviour……… Permanently! Humans are habitual people, in fact, according to research...