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If you place your order before 10pm on a Thursday that will guarantee your meal prep for that coming Sunday. If you need your prep sooner drop us a message…

We have calorie packages from 1200 up to 2600. Prices for the week vary depending on what package you wish to purchase and how many days prep you require. Prep can start from as little as £39.50 per week!

Your food will be delivered Sunday 9-1pm & Wednesday 5-10pm as a ‘split’ delivery

Yes, delivery charges are £5-£10 per week depending on your area.

We deliver throughout the North East of England.

Meals will be fine in the fridge for up to four days. Meals can also be frozen and re-heated from frozen.

Easy, firstly remove the lid and replace loosely. Heat on full power until your product is piping hot all the way through. Times vary depending upon your equipment. Guidelines of 3.5 minutes based on a 800w Microwave. THESE ARE GUIDELINES ONLY!

Yes, meals can be frozen. Be sure to microwave your meal for 6 minutes from frozen to ensure it is fully cooked

Our meals change every week so for specifics email us for further support on

Please note our meals are prepped in a Restaurant where we do NOT use nuts with or in any of our meals. However our snacks (granola bars, protein balls) also our breakfasts (granola, muesli) will have nuts in them. If in doubt please ask in advance…

Our chicken & beef is halal friendly. We have certification of this from our chosen local butcher. From time to time we do use pork or bacon, in this case please let us know if you require an alternative…

Meals are fully prepped from our 5 star health & hygiene rated restaurant – ‘The blue Bells’ Newton Bewley, Teesside, TS22 5PQ

Trading address – 9 Stein Grove, Middlesbrough, TS5 8DJ

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