Meet the Team
So here are the people behind your prep…

‘Hello guys & girls I’m Matt the Owner of fresh! the meal prep co. Healthy eating has always been a top priority for me, I was a Personal Trainer & Personal Trainer National Manager for 16 years. In that 16 years I came to the realisation that not everybody was like me, I used to spend hours meal prepping, counting calories and grams of protein etc. It really got to me that people just couldnt do it and it wasnt simple.

I decided to launch a healthy eating meal prep company with the vision to make things as simple for the consumer as possible. I wanted to create something that helped people build consistency with their diet and get the results they desired. So here we are today!

I love what I do, I love hearing of your fantastic results and I love to hear how much our meal prep has helped you in your life and made things easy! If you need any help with any aspects of your health & wellness journey please drop me an email and I would be more than happy to help you in anyway I can’.

(Head chef)
‘Im Matt the head chef over at ’The blue bells’ resturant. I have been in the resturtant sector now for 20 years.
When Matt the business owner approached me 4 years ago I was keen to see how the business would evolve and I was really keen to get involved. It really took off and I have personally met a few of our customers in person and im delighted to hear how much they enjoy our meal prep. Cooking is my passion and to know my cooking makes such a big difference in peoples lives really motivates me and makes me feel forfilled’
(Customer relations manager)
‘Hi everyone I am Jan the customer relations manager at fresh! I deal with all of your meal prep queries on social media & through email. I’m very happy to help you in anyway and answer your questions and help make your life easier! I have been working with fresh now for just over a year and one thing I really love about my job is hearing of how much you have loved our meals! Its soo pleasing to know we make your life easier and also its great to see your results! 
If you have any questions on anything meal prep related just email me and I am more than happy to assist you and answer your questions’
Our Delivery Team
Each of our drivers have their own specific area which they manage on a weekly basis. These guys know how to provide service with a smile and are always making sure they can solve any of your delivery issues so you get the best service possible. 
Our Kitchen Team
The team of Chefs at the Blue Bells Restaurant have years of combined experience and all share the same passion for food. These guys are the big cogs in the fresh machine putting thousands of meals together weekly!