Meal Pack 1 – 1200 Calories

Contains breakfast, lunch & dinner based on 1200 calories per day

Macros – Protein 85g, Carbs 116g, Fats 44g

  • Local deliveries (TS, DH, DL, SR postcodes) are delivered Sunday 830-5 & Wednesday 4-10 as a ‘split’ delivery (SR/DH postcodes from 1pm Wednesday)
  • Nationwide deliveries (all other postcodes are delivered as one delivery on a Sunday)
  • All prepped in our 5 star health & hygiene facility
  • 5 or 7 day meal plans to choose from
  • Halal/vegetarian plans available
  • New menu every single week
  • Order by 8pm Friday for delivery Sunday

*please note calories & macros are based on a weekly average in order to hit daily targets. If any meals are substituted this will affect the overall calorie content.


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